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Cee Lo
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Three feet high & rising.
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Evan Parker
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Sam (ACF)
By Mambu Bayoh
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About a year ago, my homegirl Kasie introduced me to some fellas who happened to be musicians. They lived in a brownstone across from Fort Greene Park. They set up a studio and had people come thru to chill and record. All types of folk would vibe, creatives, artists, but really just kids my age with unbelievable talent. Some of them you might see conquering the blogs, some in your coffee shops. Some you may hear, later, but never with same hunger as I heard, raw as the loft’s exposed brick walls.

Anyway, I had some songs I wanted to redo — just cause they deserved much more than the broken mic in my dorm room. They were pretty good.

That redo became something different. I wrote some more. I moved back to the hood with this piece of paper that promised me something I wasn’t sure I wanted. I worked and hated my job. What happened was a need to figure out what they hell was going on in my life.

I wanted to share with you guys. A snapshot, a moment preserved in amber.

Sept 3rd. #TheRumDiary. I’m excited.

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Opaque  by  andbamnan